• Paul Jemil Antaki Junior


The human potential and our personal and collective experience of life on Earth are composed of the potential and experiences of each and all of us.

If there is a cruel person in the world, that potential of cruelty exists in every one of us.

If someone is experiencing bliss, the experience of bliss is available for every one of us.

All good and bad (according to any set of moral values) exist inside each of us, at least as potential.

The difference is the context we are exposed to and how we deal with it. That said, if we want to live a full human life, we need to learn to accept the “bad” and the “good” as best we can according to every situation – especially because most of what is “bad” is just a different point of view.

Any attempt to eliminate, push aside, exorcize or deny the “bad” (or the “good”!) will come back to haunt us, and represents a tremendous loss, as we would have to abandon a part of us, immature as it may be.

Awareness, understanding and integration is the only plausible way forward.

A good start would be to start thinking in “both … and” terms.

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